With our over 40 years of E-type restoration experience and over 25 years of rotisserie use. Superior panel fit and finish. Custom fit chrome. A vast knowledge and attention to originality. All of this experience reflects in our show quality Jaguar E-type restorations. We would be

happy to discuss a future 

E-type restoration project

with you. Serious restoration inquiries only please.

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Our 40 year obsession with the restoration of Jaguar's milestone E-type has always been an endeavor for perfection.  We have been a family operated E-type restoration shop for over three decades.  All restoration work is done "in house" other than major machining and plating.  We have always believed in the personal challenge to improve quality and efficiency in each stage of the restoration process.  Our goal is that the virtually flawless show quality fit and finishes reflect the mechanical and functional aspects of the restoration.  Our individual attention to detail in all stages of the E-type restoration process has allowed us to produce these 99 plus point E-types for decades.  We have had the opportunity to work at something we love and live in a place with fabulous outdoor recreation  and quality of life.

    I've always had a fascination with anything mechanical.  Taking apart clocks at age eight and working on our motorcycles at age twelve. I started my first sports car restoration at age fourteen and purchased my first E-type in pieces at age sixteen.  I thought this was the greatest sports car ever produced.  The E-type had everything.   Racing heritage, pedigree, a stunning body, beautiful quality interior and mechanics that were from Lemans winning race cars.  The car was actually better to drive than to look at, amazing! I was hooked!

With over 40 years experience, translating into ten's of thousands of "hands on" hours of labor. Our Jaguar E-type restorations show the cohesive quality you get with one craftsman controlling all aspects of the build, versus many individuals producing the restoration and all the flow and quality control issues between procedures. Mechanic, metal worker, body man,  painter,  ​ electrics, interior and parts acquisition. All of these are separate skills that have been mastered. All of these employees may not be 100 point quality all of the time. This is why it is so difficult to produce 99 point restoration for most Jaguar E-type restoration shops.

Our restorations reflect the fact that we have specialized in Jaguar E-type restorations, having one craftsman leading all procedures for over four decades. The resulting restoration is only as good  as the skills of the craftsman involved. If you desire one of the finest restored Jaguar E-types in the world, then perhaps we may be the Jaguar E-type restoration company for you. We deeply care and have a lifelong commitment to the restoration of Jaguars milestone sports car, the amazing E-type.    

A few words from owner and master craftsman Jeffrey Winkley ...