With our over 40 years of E-type restoration experience and over 25 years of rotisserie use. Superior panel fit and finish. Custom fit chrome. A vast knowledge and attention to originality. All of this experience reflects in our show quality Jaguar E-type restorations.

We would be happy to discuss a future E-type restoration project with you. Serious restoration

inquiries only please.

Thanks, Jeff

Owner/ Restoration Specialist

The Jaguar E-type set the bar for sports cars for years to come. Personally, the Jaguar E-type personifies what a sports car is. 

‚ÄčThese attributes created a demand far beyond factory expectations or initial production capabilities.

The Jaguar E-types beauty and overall harmony of line combined with luxury interior and the performance of a race car!

A civilized production version of the Jaguars Lemans winning D-types, the Jaguar E-type was an immediate sensation when released in 1961.

History of the Jaguar E-type...

How things have changed over the years on the perception of the Jaguar E-type. When I first began driving and restoring E-types, people would ask, " aren't those cars hard to keep running and tuned?" They never said , "isn't that the production version of Jaguar's Lemans winning D-type race car?" They couldn't relate to the fact that the Jaguar E-type was one of the highest maintenance cars ever surveyed by Road and Track Magazine, but also had one of the highest ratings for owners willing to purchase another new Jaguar E-type. Most Jaguar E-type owners were in love with their "Jag", as was I. I still love Jaguar E-types after all these years. The best sports car ever produced? Possibly so. 


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